Ramadan Reflections 2017

This is only the initial stage of Ramadan, but I’ve been contemplating a lot on the purpose behind this Holy month, my connection with my Creator and Islam in general. So far I’ve reached the following conclusions which are very basic in their scope but nevertheless are notions to ponder over:

1) It may sound as a cliche but fasting actually equips one to be tolerant and disciplined. We take food and water for granted – in our daily routines we fail to acknowledge what may be a daily struggle for many poverty-stricken people around the world. Even so we are still lucky Alhamdullilah that when we open our fast we have clean water and fresh food to eat – millions don’t. Irrespective of whether it is Ramzan or not, we should always think of the poor and must help them every chance we get. Every time we sit down to eat and see the luxurious food God has bestowed on us, we must always think of helping the poor and those who can afford should make it a habit of doing so on a regular basis. People are literally dying of starvation and diseases. Don’t waste money on unnecessary luxuries; if you have money spend it on the needy.

2) Secondly and this is something we should observe all year not just in Ramadan – whilst we are fasting we refrain from things we would normally do such as the usage of foul language, backbiting and arguing – if we can refrain during Ramadan, why not eliminate these sins altogether?

3) Thirdly when we focus on the Quran and its deeper meaning we come to realise Allah created us for a reason – it is up to us to decipher what that reason is remembering that we have a short time in this world to fulfill it. Wealth, children, career and other worldly goals are not the answer and should not be the basis of one’s raison detre (meaning of existence). Then what is it? This is up to every individual to reflect on.

4) When we come to realise that we serve Allah and that come what may Allah is always there for us, He forgives us for our sins, He helps us when in need ultimately we are accountable to Him – we must then focus on our duties towards Him. This does not mean one should adopt an isolationist policy – by all means live harmoniously and help one another as much as possible, but don’t give too much importance to any one human to an extent that we are unable to focus on God. This becomes a sort of ‘shirk’ when we give precedence to certain people over everything else that we are unable to focus on our duties towards Allah, we are unable to be thankful to Him for His blessings – all that matters to us is being happy when that person whom we obsess over calls us, become sad when they don’t – no one is permanent in anyone’s life but Allah is there for us from birth till death and in the Hereafter. Help people, we need one another – but don’t obsess over anyone.

Let’s all strive to become better humans InshAllah and be kind to each other, be courteous to each other and understanding. Let’s be tolerant, forgiving and let us follow the right, moral path which Allah has set out for us.

I apologise to anyone I may have hurt at any point in my life intentionally or unintentionally.

Have a blessed Ramadan!