Review for ‘Naomi Byron – A Legal thriller set in Victorian London’

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Delighted to have received the first review for my manuscript ‘Naomi Byron – A Legal thriller set in Victorian London’ by Sasha Lauren, Author of ‘The Paris Predicament’:

“Naomi Byron, who arrived to live and work at Lambeth Orphanage in London as a child foundling, is now a beautiful young lady. On referral from Mrs. Parker, the owner of the orphanage, Naomi went to Mr. Dominic Adler, a prominent Queen’s Council, to apply for employment as a governess for his ten-year-old son who has special needs. While she was there, Mr. Adler was brutally murdered, and now Naomi is in the most controversial trial of the nineteenth century at the Old Bailey for his murder.

Sana Pirzada, a humanistic, human rights lawyer, brings her expertise of the law to this thrilling courtroom drama. I found myself fully invested in these characters, and did not want to put the book down. After reading several of Sana’s who-done-its, she has become a favorite author of mine. Give this gripping story a try and you will see why.”